Camping Armenia

Address: Geghard Monastery Highway(H3), 3th impasse, house 4, 2218, Goght, Kotayk region, Armenia, 00374(0)94496094, Open 1 april -20 oct.


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Garni Temple and the Symphony of Stones.

Garni is mostly famous for its ancient temple but there are many other places that worth seeing. One of the most extraordinary places of interest is the often forgotten Symphony of Stones. Besides these, the entrance to Khosrov National Park, where you can walk and drive around, is also situated in Garni. There are two churches in the park that you can visit. They no longer run services but the view is breath-taking. Garni has a restaurant with its own fresh trout and catfish.


Geghard Monastery

Geghard is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches, which is also on the Unesco World Heritage list. The church is famous for its unique construction. The main part of the church is made out of one rock. Though Garni and Geghard are situated very close to each other, the environment which surrounds them greatly differs. Geghard has a restaurant with a breathtaking view on the Valley.


On the hills of the National Park Khosrov and Goght.

Goght is a small but very charming village arise from 1828 at that time they had 7 houses. Now the village has 565 houses and 2102 people (2015). The village Goght  is situated in the middle of Garni and Geghard. Goght is on the 1654m height of the sea level. The people are very kind and friendly. They gladly help everyone as much as they can. While driving through the village you can see animals walking freely on the streets. There is a trail that leads you to the river Azat that begins to flow from Geghard through Goght and Garni and ends in a lake for Yerevan’s drinking water. It is not a big river but it gets really wild during the spring and the autumn. Once you cross the river, you can enjoy all the beautiful flowers, plants and animals on the other side of the river.

Yerevan is in a 50-minute drive from the Camping 3 Gs. A long winding road that takes you to the inhabited world of hustle and bustle and stress.